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Give me an hour

Give me an hour

When we asked what were the challenges around attending CPD – we were told that it was difficult finding a course on a suitable day and then getting booked on.  In order to ensure that educators get the CPD they need, but classes keep their teachers, we have developed ‘Give me an hour’.  This enables teachers to select a non-contact time (an hour each fortnight to suit them)* when one of our popular courses will be delivered (followed by an hour each fortnight for a consolidation task).

Computer Science is a shortage subject; it is a young subject and it is one that is often taught by non-specialists – our secondary suite of courses is an ideal introduction for those new to teaching and is also accessible to primary teachers with an interest and aptitude.  Our primary suite is designed to meet the computing needs of those in this phase. Upskilling staff (teachers and teaching assistants) enables future proofing by increasing educators’ subject and pedagogical knowledge, leading to an increase in confidence (which should lead to improvement in results).

The CPD is bursary funded and for Computer Science Accelerator courses there is additional funding released on successful completion of the certificate. Your school may also be eligible for funded support for developing an action plan for Computing in your setting.

Being computing confident has never been more important – last year really highlighted this with the move to online delivery, and our increasing use of, and reliance on, technology means we would all benefit from being more digitally literate.  Find out more in the animation.

* We require minimum numbers per time slot for a course to be viable. 


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