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Registration opens week commencing 3rd July 2023. 

Schools MUST register all new ECTs and ECTs MUST also be assigned to an Appropriate Body within the first 2 weeks of the new academic year. (September 2023)  Failure to do so will mean that the period of Induction will not count as it cannot be backdated.


Step 1

If you have not already done so, you should register your Induction Tutor and select your programme i.e.: Full Induction Programme, via the DfE portal (URL link was in a DfE email invitation sent to schools between April – June 2021) *

Step 2

Contact us to express your interest in joining us by emailing directly. You will then be sent a “Confirmation of Intent” email to complete. It is essential that the details you provide are accurate and that they match the information submitted on the DfE portal.

Step 3

Return the completed “Confirmation of Intent” to 

Step 4

Once both of the above steps have been completed, the registered Induction Tutor will receive a further DfE invitation to register details of ECT(s) and Mentor(s).   Please note: This step is now happening on a phased basis. ** 

Step 5

Make sure that you register your ECTs with an Appropriate Body (AB). Across Liverpool and Wirral, AB services are usually provided through ECT Manager (formerly NQT Manager)  Once you have completed the registration process, the AB will complete checks with the Teacher Regulatory Agency and authorise the ECT for their formal induction. 

Step 6

If a school appoints an ECT later on in the academic  year all of the above still applies, it will be termed a non standard induction and the ECT will join the framework at the same point as other ECTs, and we are led to believe they will catch up on missed modules in the succeeding year. 

This DfE email will have been sent to the email address(es) your school has registered on the Get Information About Schools section of the DfE management system.  If you wish to check and/or update the addresses you have registered with DfE, you can do so via this link:

** Any issues with entering ECT and Mentor details on the DfE portal, can be directed to the DfE helpline 0370 000 2288.

For further inquiries, please email