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Becoming research-sensitive

Becoming research-sensitive

The Open Door – a report by Jon Haslam and Nick Abercrombie – describes the careful responsive nature of schools that put research up front and central. These schools, the authors suggest, tend to place teaching and learning as the priority of the school. Teachers are positioned as reflective practitioners “reviewing, questioning and innovating” within their classrooms, adapting new teaching and learning methods to their own unique, local contexts. For these schools, the implementation of new practices is as important as the idea itself.

In order to be able to do this, Haslam and Abercrombie suggest schools use a matrix of structures. They provide ongoing CPD, meetings, a variety of communication,develop inquiries and collaborative communities where teachers are supported to work together.  They develop communities of practice where like-minded people routinely meet to engage in casual (and not so casual) conversation about teaching and learning (p8).

But Haslam and Abercrombie are clear – in their view, in current times, research-sensitive schools exist in isolation – they lack the essential external structures and support mechanisms from across the education system that support them to flourish. 

The Inspire Learning Teaching School Hub believes it can play a crucial role in developing those structures. We are placing research, evidence and implementation at the heart of all our plans. In part, this is behind our decision to develop our relationship with the Chartered College of Teaching. Many of our strategic team have benefitted hugely from being involved with the Chartered College since it was established – having opportunities to meet colleagues, take part in conferences and networks, publish research and read from the extensive collections of papers and ideas they collate. 

With this in mind, we have committed to providing all our ECF facilitators the opportunity to complete the CCoT Certificate in Evidence Based Practice, as part of the training offer we provide. We will be arranging further events and opportunities with the Chartered College. For anyone who has not yet become involved – we urge you to.  Below is a link which will give you 20% membership for a year. What a bargain- how can you refuse?!



Haslan, J and Abercrombie, N (2021) An Open Door. Available at The-Open-Door.pdf (the-iee.org.uk)

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