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Inspire Learning is pleased to be partnering with University College London to deliver the reformed
suite of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). These qualifications have been developed in
collaboration with the sector and are backed by the best available research.

UCL is ranked number one globally for Education in the QS World University Rankings. They have
been designing and delivering NPQs since their inception 25 years ago. Inspire Learning has
partnered with UCL as we share the same values to ensure high quality materials are provided to our
experienced facilitators to support you in your teaching career to deliver improved outcomes.
NPQs exists to support Leadership and Specialist development. Current NPQs are;


Executive Leadership (National Cohort) – develop the expertise you need to become an outstanding
executive leader, leading change and improvement across your group of schools or multi-academy

Headship – develop the knowledge that underpins expert school leadership and apply it to become
an outstanding headteacher

Senior Leadership – develop your leadership knowledge and expertise to improve outcomes for
teachers and pupils in your school
Early Years Leadership – develop expertise in leading high-quality early years education and care, as
well as effective staff and organisational management

The duration of Leadership qualifications is 18 months.


Leading Teacher Development –  learn how to become a teacher educator and successfully support
teachers in your school to expand their skills
Leading Teacher –  learn how to lead the teaching and learning of a subject, year group or phase

Leading Behaviour and Culture – learn how to create a culture of good behaviour and high
expectations in which staff and pupils can thrive

Leading Literacy – learn how to effectively teach and promote literacy across the whole school, year
group, key stage or phase

The duration of a Specialist qualification is 12 months.

To find out more about the NPQ course structures, funding and how to apply go to

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