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We bring together a wide range of partners and schools across two Local Authority districts to provide professional development.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Jane Kennedy has 30 years’ experience as a teacher, leader and trainer. Having worked in a diverse range of schools across this time frame, and holding the National Professional Qualification for Headship, Jane is a dynamic Director of our teaching school hub, recognising that this profession never stands still. In all that she does she strives to deliver the very best education for children and young people using a people centred approach.

Andy Ash leads the Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub and has extensive experience working in large, multi-school professional development projects. He has a keen interest in working with teachers at all career stages to help develop research informed practice. This interest in research has led to Andy undertaking a PhD with Cumbria University, where he is focussing upon knowledge practices within our education system, specifically in relation to mathematics teaching.

Ciara O’Connor has been teaching for fifteen years and is as passionate about the profession now as the day she started training. She has led SJPTSA over the past 3 years and has a passion for leadership development. Ciara is committed to providing the most effective support to teachers at all stages of their careers so that students, whichever school or area they are in, receive the best education and the widest range of opportunities possible.

Before joining HFCMAT as the Director of Research, Megan was the Director of English at the Aspire Educational Trust and Director of the Aspirer Research School. She has a wealth of school leadership, school improvement and policy experience, including working for the Education Endowment Foundation and as a Local Authority consultant, as a Head Teacher, teacher trainer and a teacher. She has balanced a career in school with an academic career and is currently studying for a Phd at the University of Sussex. Megan writes a weekly column for the Times Educational Supplement, regularly presents at conferences and is often found writing in collaboration with researchers and academics. You can find her at @DamsonEd.