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UCL eXtend and Engagement Support

I hope you are enjoying your NPQ course so far with us at Inspire Learning and that you’ve been able to navigate around the UCL eXtend system to identify the reading materials for your first sessions to make them effective.

Now that we are a few weeks in I wanted to take the opportunity to draw your attention to a series of requirements across the course which will maximise your learning and engagement and help you to successfully reach the Summative Assessment window.


Located in the ‘Programme Home’ tab under Assessment, you will find a document which details all you need to know about Assessment throughout the duration of the course. It is entitled Summative Assessment – Participant Guide. This will provide you with specific dates of Summative Assessment and the weighting of qualifying activities throughout the course. You must achieve an overall 90% engagement metric to enter into the final assessment phase.

Missed Peer Learning Groups (PLG) or Face to Face (F2F) sessions

If you have been / will be unable to attend a Peer Learning Group or Face to Face session then there may be the option to catch up with generic pre-recorded materials about 10 days after your scheduled sessions with our facilitators. The recorded sessions will be located in the tab appropriate to your session e.g. PLG1, F2F 2 etc under the relevant modules.

End of Module Engagement

At the end of each module there is a requirement for you to complete 3 documents within UCL eXtend. These are located under the heading ‘Module Engagement and Completion’. May I draw your attention specifically to the following ;-

Line Manager meeting – This is a date when you have held the meeting with your Line Manager/Mentor regarding your progress and development. Completion of this activity contributes towards your overall engagement metrics.

Formative Assessment Attestations – The Formative Assessment Tasks are located within the Personal Learning Journey document for each module. Completion of this activity contributes towards your overall engagement metrics.

End of Module Completion/Evaluation Form – Completion of this form permits access to the materials in the next Module.

Mentor Engagement

Mentors are not provided with their own unique login for UCL eXtend. As such, the materials they need to reference are linked to your login credentials. The materials can all be accessed, and downloaded, from the UCL eXtend Homepage.