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We bring together a wide range of partners and schools across two Local Authority districts to provide professional development.


Give me an hour

When we asked what were the challenges around attending CPD – we were told that it was difficult finding a course on a suitable day and then getting booked on.  In order to ensure that educators get the CPD they need, but classes keep their teachers, we have developed ‘Give me an hour’.  This enables […]

Becoming research-sensitive

The Open Door – a report by Jon Haslam and Nick Abercrombie – describes the careful responsive nature of schools that put research up front and central. These schools, the authors suggest, tend to place teaching and learning as the priority of the school. Teachers are positioned as reflective practitioners “reviewing, questioning and innovating” within […]

Why the Early Career Framework is So Important

I recently attended an online conference where a Japanese professor was speaking. He said many things that struck me, but one in particular was that 99.9% of Japanese teachers stay in the profession. His explanation? In Japan, a teacher’s professional development is such a central part of the job (and plenty of time is dedicated […]

A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.

The phoenix is a mythical golden bird associated with renewal and regeneration. Rising from the ashes of its previous life, the phoenix is a symbol of hope, of life and of better things to come, born from the knowledge and experience of difficult times and challenging circumstances. The past year has been exactly that – […]

Welcome to Inspire Learning Teaching School Hub

“81 Hubs will be added to the 6 test and learn TSHs in all corners of England to provide high-quality professional development to teachers and leaders at all stages of their career and play a key role in helping to build up trainee teachers as they enter the workforce.”